Who is UltraTech IT Solutions (Pty)Ltd.

UltraTech IT Solutions (Pty)Ltd refered as (UltraTech IT) is a small business that take IT Technology into the next generation. UltraTech IT, began with a modest idea to supply to each and every need of the client. Providing Information Technology and Management Services to Corporate, Metropolitan as well as Individual Customers. Through the thoughtful application of our technical expertise, and the success of our "partnerships" with our clients, UltraTech IT has turned small Information Technology studies and analyses tasks into full-scale system development efforts.

Through our efficient Corporate Management structure, UltraTech IT has become adept at successfully operating in the fast-moving environment. Currently, UltraTech IT is a thriving company located in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape. Through research and building strong partnerships, UltraTech IT's success and our highly trained staff has remained true to the company’s core philosophy -- to be “the bridge between your mission needs and the requisite solution. UltraTech IT’s mission is to provide quality IT solutions to Government, Business and individual Entities. We recognize that our clients are critical to our success and believe in working hand-in-hand with them to provide superior solutions. UltraTech IT employs highly skilled technical and managerial staff that is committed to becoming a partner in our clients’ successes by helping them achieve their mission goals and objectives. In addition to our internal capabilities, UltraTech IT fosters partnerships through agreements with outsourced businesses, providing additional resources to address our clients' mission critical needs.

Through sound management of our resources, UltraTech IT will deliver to its clients the highest quality products and services at a reasonable price, ensuring clients receive the desired value from our work. Here at UltraTech IT, we are focused on being the most effective organization you can do business with. We are committed to your success. UltraTech clients value our ability to identify and implement solutions that precisely meet business objectives. We combine leading technology with industry-proven methodology. Because we take responsibility for providing just what is needed to address established requirements, clients have trusted UltraTech IT to deliver successful solutions.


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