Services that we offer our Clients

Repairs and Maintenence

We offer repairs and maintenence services on most devices and even Gadgets. We repair Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, Printers, and will even find a way to repair your Electronic Gadgets like Drones, Smart Watches, or any other Gadgets. Part of our maintenence service we do also Virus checks and cleanup. We also offrer all our Customers the option of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) where they can benefit from daily and save costs on their call-out fees and Maintenence Fees.

Infrastructure Support

While servers and storage often go fairly unnoticed by clients, these forms the foundation of your business model. These are two critical items of your core infrastructure and can play a vital role in the productivity of your business and the level of business continuity in a time of disaster. Along with this we offer consulting services on infrastructure solutions to advise existing and new clients on utilizing the best technology for your business. At UltraTech IT we have experience in this area and we can help you plan, design, implement and manage your IT Structure and Solutions based on industry standards. We have experience with various brands and platforms, as well as virtual server technology to help you consolidate servers and improve redundancy.

Summary of Supported Systems
  • Dell and HP branded servers Small, medium and Enterprise support.
  • Network switches, routers, Layer 3 core switches, VLAN/VPN configurations
  • Firewall solutions including Fortigate, Sonicwall and a wide variety of Linux based firewalls like Smoothwall, Endian, etc.
  • Microsoft Exchange support for single or clustered services.
  • Microsoft server support for multiple domain controllers, DNS, DHCP, AD
  • Virus Checks and Anti-Virus Software Updates
  • Systems Cleanups and Maintenence from Dust and overheating

Mutimedia Design

Multimedia design can be integrated in multiple forms of media. It is used in information kiosks, websites and many other interactive applications. Take your Business Marketing to the next level and let UltraTech IT design a customized Video to post on your Facebook page or on a screen in your Reception Area. We will set up the perfect Solution for your Business that when Customers walk into your Reception Area they will notice your Video playing on a screen and can watch it while waiting for their appointment.


Website Design

Gone are the days when we knew for certain that everyone was viewing the web on a desktop or laptop computer so websites were designed and developed for that standard experience. Increasingly, people are viewing the web on a variety of devices - tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. If your website doesn’t support those devices, this can negatively affect how users interact with your business. The site may load slowly, the layout is fixed and awkward to navigate and you may end up with a frustrated user. Statistics show that most users don’t convert when using small screen devices which means you may be losing out on valuable business opportunities.

UltraTech IT can turn this problem around using responsive design. We’ll redesign your website’s front-end templates to adapt and scale to whatever kind of device the user is viewing from while maintaining your existing look and feel and improving overall performance. We’ll test it on a variety of devices - mobile and non-mobile - to ensure the experience is consistent and easy to use.

Network Support and Installation

Due to technology advances associated with convergence, consolidation and centralisation across the ICT stack, networks have become increasingly important and complex. Advanced networking environments are no longer made up of routers, switches and firewalls alone. Newer technologies such as voice and video over IP, WLAN, Server Load Balancing, WAN Optimisation, Application based policy control, Secure Remote Access, Web / Email Security and DLP have all become important network elements which govern the businesses ability to operate efficiently and securely. UltraTech IT Solutions will use all their skills necessary to meet your end users' expectations, enabling you to focus more on your business and keeping your costs down.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is about much more than logos, business cards, colours, and fonts. These decisions are important, but the best graphic design rises above the details to invite your audience into a relationship with you. With so many products on your docket, including cutting-edge television programming, kitchen appliances, and electronics, you need visual branding that unifies and clarifies your message. That’s where we come in. UltraTech IT will work closely with your management team to create visuals that say exactly what your customers and stakeholders need to hear and see.

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